At Hip-Sci we merge your ideas with our concepts and bring them vividly to life, customizing them precisely to your vision and your standards. When it comes to product engineering, we produce high performing products that are created with impressive quality, maximized by the use of cost efficient parts. The use of these parts allows us to create products that are reliable, easily maintained, and user friendly. One of the many phases of Hip-Sci is our involvement in Wearable Technology where we design and produce fashionable items that incorporate the use of customized sensors or that are Bluetooth compatible. With this ingenuity, we are able to enhance aspects of everyday living such as exercising. shopping, and working.


Another aspect of what we do, is Custom Form Factor design, in which we focus on producing customized systems for each individual device consumers may use, this ensures that what we create does not contain significant variations, whether you are using your iPad, your desktop, or your mobile phone, the quality and production of our work will be the same, this allows us to create as many variations without affecting the overall performance. One of our more interesting phases is our M2M (machine to machine) designs. Hip-Sci develops technology that implements the use of direct communication from such devices as sensors, to transmit information collected to be diagrammed and stored for individual or shared use, broadening the effectiveness of our designs.



Performance Science meets performance tech with the first ever wearable sensor line capable of measuring human exertion.  Where other fitness trackers leave off – we combine multiple sensor metrics for true work output.  Apower Fitness is your best ally in achieving your personal best. .



When military grade precision meets with the latest commercial technology, a mission critical sensor is born.  We are one part radar science, one part EO systems, and fully capable of producing stable instrumentation where reliability is a necessity.



We’re just doing what responsible engineers do in passing the torch to future techies to come.  Same sensor technology, same hip science but with a open source twist for the next generation.  We want you to boldly go where no techie has gone before.  And we are willing to put our time and sensors behind you.



One simple little smart phone capable motion control unit with integrated speed controllers for exercises in STEM that include flight control of a drone and other autonomous systems.  We are not about the flight controller market but more so about the education of things.



Take an existing real time location tracker and combine it with novel sensing technology to produce an integrated solution capable of providing predictive analytics for critical goods and assets. We offer custom and tailored sensors for case specific monitoring needs..



Predictive Health Intelligence enabled by robust and custom sensors.  Hip Science provides solutions that combine hardware, software and machine learning, backed by an expansive cloud infrastructure that leads to improved performance and outcomes across the entire health ecosystem.